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Happy to see you here…it shows you wanna know quality things about Lucky Patcher So, we welcome you to the Lucky Patcher Original Platform. We care our visitors with full support. If you found anything unrelated or want to share the experience about this amazing APK by Chelpus let us know in comments section. Today we are going to discuss the topic “lucky patcher no root”.

Lucky Patcher No Root

I promise you will never found this kind of information so read carefully.

Lucky Patcher No Root Download

This is an amazing app when you download and instal this you don’t need to root your android device, It will entertain you without rooting.But if you want all the feature works for you then we suggest that you must have to root your device.When its instal with rooting it’s all qualities will active and you can fully enjoy it. Now if you have the question like how to use lucky patcher no root?Then we recommend that watch video on Youtube.


Going to find a video guide on this topic stays with me.

Great new is here I found a video guide for you. In this video, a guy shares an awesome guide on how to use lucky patcher no root. If you need further assistant then let us know we have a trained team to help you in any regard to this topic. Below you can watch Video, hope you will like it.

How to use Lucky Patcher no root

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Lucky Patcher Latest Version

The latest version which is 6.7.0 now officially available.The latest version includes some the updates and some the bugs are successfully removed.Now, you are thinking about the new features of lucky patcher no root app, right?So, without wasting time moving to discuss the new features of the latest app.

  Lucky Patcher New Features 

1-Lucky Patcher now available no root mood also, it’s a great feature which differentiates it from others.

2-Now, apply the patch to get all the features of all instaled apps.

3-Remove verification of license of paid applications.

4-Free app purchase

Need further detail on these steps?

1-For Apply Patch

=>You can see “Custom patch-applied” click on it and then click on apply.

=>After it, Lucky will give a modified app for that app or game.It will take some time.

=>When process will success the window will green and if the process will fail the window will Red.

=>Click on rebuild and instal –>Lucky patcher–>Modified–>Name of app/game

=>Now touch on game or app–>install

=>End, If you don’t understand see the screenshots captures with my phone.

2- For Ads Remove

  • First tap on lucky APK without Ads
  • The lucky patcher will modify and create APK file of that game or app
  • When Lucky successfully created APK you will see green window otherwise red window will open
  • Repeat, rebuild and instal –>Lucky patcher–>Modified–>Name of app/game
  • enjoy, tap on the game or app–>install

3-For License Verification

=>click on “APK without License verification” and repeat the above steps.

Hope you fully noted all the steps to use the awesome features of This amazing app. Actually in the whole apps this the king Opps, queen actually =D, just kidding. The best thing about Lucky its updates increasing day by day that’s mean is that it will boom in coming days, you will one day realize its the only thing has the advanced features, Like Facebook, it will popular in the apps. So, now I  can say its a Queen in the apps without any king =D.

Questions about today’s discussion

 =>I tap on the “Custom Patch” but see the error Patch Can’t be applied

Sometimes when you applied the custom patch it doesn’t work, the reason is that the app or game version that you have installed on your android device is not the version that supports Lucky Patcher.So, to solve this error read the instruction and downgrade or update your app or games version that is compatible with Lucky Patcher.

=>Modded play store not opening OR Play Store missing after installation.

*Is play store not opening?It’s can because of outdated, clean date on your device, for this go to your device setting and clean data.

Play store missing after installation?

*It’s happening because you installed a version that is unsupported try to instal the old version. After installing the supported you will see everything is working as you want.

Some Security actually safety question:

1- Is Lucky Patcher is safe for Device?

Till now Lucky patcher has more than 300millions install, and awesome thing is that no one complains about any crash or other in their devices using Lucky Patcher. So, its 200% guaranteed that it is safe for your device.

2-Will I Safety Game makers?

Some of the developers of the game like Asphalt 8 starts banning any hacking apps from their app/game modification. But in case of Lucky, we guaranteed that it will work fine when you installed this great app.

3- Government Agencies Safety?

This question is also asked by some people, and answer this question is “YES”. No government level agencies can take action Cool to use this awesome App.


Hope till Now you have got all the queries about today’s topic Lucky Patcher no root. Actually, this app is just loved having more than 300millions installations. If you have some more question or found any error regarding Lucky Patcher let us know in comments, our team is always here to help you in any regard.

Stay Cool using Lucky Patcher.See you soon in the next query, stay connected.

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