How to use Lucky Patcher

Welcome to the original Lucky Patcher website.Here you can get the latest news and versions of Lucky Patcher.if you want to download the original Lucky Patcher then you can download from our download page.We know you can have many queries like where to download Lucky Patcher, How to download lucky patcher and something like that. Now on this page, we will discuss how to use lucky patcher.Let’s get started stay with us.

How to use Lucky Patcher

There are two ways  to use Lucky Patcher which are

By using mobile


By using PC with Bluestack

So, if you have mobile then its best to use it on your mobile.

Now I’m going to show you that how can we use lucky patcher on mobile.

How  to use on mobile

Here are some points regarding how to use lucky patcher on mobile

  1. First, you must have to download the original Lucky Patcher
  2. Analyze all the app that installed on your mobile.
  3. After analysing the apps Lucky Patcher gives you suggestions to patch the app.
  4. You can see the colours that indicate the following


How to use Lucky patcher

Got it, Right?if you have any confusion keep reading you will get the following queries like

How to:

 Remove License Verification

Remove Google Ads

Custom Patch

Change Permissions

Create Modified APK

How to use on PC/How to use on Windows

If you want to use Lucky Patcher on PC then here you go.Below points are essential to use Lucky Patcher on Laptop.

1-Download Lucky Patcher APK

2-Download and install Bluestacks on your Walmart

3-click on .apk file

4-Now, check the above guide same as using on mobile

Hope you got it, Now proceed to deep analysis of for how to use lucky patcher to avoid adds, remove verification and other things like that.


Remove Google Ads using Lucky Patcher

1-Enter the name of the and chose to “Remove Google Ads”

2- select “Patch to remove Google Ads”

3- Run and test that app by using the Internet”.

4-That’s it, now you can use the application without adds.

5- For the original stat, you need to Restore the application

Custom Patch by using Lucky Patcher

1- chose the application and then select –Custom Patch–.

2-Test the application by using the Internet.

3-That’s it, you till now loving it.


 Create Modified APK using Lucky Patcher
1- Chose the application select –Create Modified APK–
2-Chose Patch for modification of APp;
3-The Modified app will be in /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified/ ;

Remove License Verification Using Lucky Patcher


1-Only use original Lucky Patcher APK files that you download from this website.

2-Select “Remove License Verification”

3-After it chose“Auto mode” and access through internet

4-That’s it

Hope you till now got it your answer of how to use lucky patcher. This site is the Official and Original site of Lucky Patcher So, don’t download the app from fake sites.If You have still any confusion let us know we will happy to help you in any regard.

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